As a tool for wealth preservation and succession planning, family trusts are widely used by wealthy families. Trust could provide legal and tax protection for family assets and could safeguard the long-term succession of family wealth and enterprises.

Since Switzerland is a signatory to the Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts and on their Recognition (Hague Trust Convention), any trust set up in Switzerland with a Swiss corporate trustee as a service provider could have a high degree of legal certainty and security. The client can choose the most appropriate offshore (non-Swiss) trust law as the governing law of the trust. Switzerland has a well-established trust industry and world-leading service providers that are good at serving international clients.

We can provide you with a trust solution including a combination of trust and insurance policy in order to achieve wealth leverage effect, maintain liquidity during the succession process, and guide the beneficiaries to use family wealth wisely. We can also play a role in the trust, such as protector, to ensure that you are professionally assisted in maintaining the security and stability of the structure.

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